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Holiday Safety Tips for Pet Owners

The holidays should be merry and bright—for you, your friends, family and your pets. But there are many things about the holidays that can pose a danger to your pet’s health. Thankfully, through awareness and a few extra precautions, you can ensure the holidays are full of cheer for everyone. Holiday Feasts & Treats People […]

Keep your pets safe this Halloween!

Halloween Dangers for Dogs & Cats Halloween can be a scary time for pets. Many popular Halloween treats and decorations can be dangerous—even lethal—when ingested by dogs and cats. Animals are often afraid of humans at this time of year…and sometimes for good reason. Learn how to keep your pets safe over Halloween. Chocolate & […]

Caring for Kittens

Caring for Kittens: A helpful guide for new cat owners Have you recently adopted (or are considering adopting) a kitten? Congratulations! It’s a big responsibility, but the experience is full of rewards. Much like children, if you provide proper care and training when they’re young, they will be more likely to grow into healthy, well-adjusted […]

Dog Grooming: More than just pampering

When people visit a salon for a cut and style, it’s often to treat themselves. But pet grooming goes beyond just good looks; it is a necessity for all dogs. Whether it’s full-body grooming, a face or paw trim, a nail trim, or a nice bath, it’s important to make grooming part of your pet’s […]

Indoor vs Outdoor Cats

Indoor Cats vs. Outdoor Cats:  Things to Consider It’s a topic that cat owners (and their neighbours) have debated for years: should a cat live strictly indoors, or should they be allowed to spend time outside? There’s a simple answer: indoor cats live longer, healthier lives than outdoor cats—especially those who spend all their time […]

Ticks are here! Is your pet protected?

This is the time of year your pets are most at risk for ticks, as ticks are typically more active between April and September. It’s important to know however, that ticks don’t mind a bit of cold and are active even at 4C. Ticks are more than just pesky; they can lead to some potentially […]

Pet Obesity – What you should know

Overweight pets are no laughing matter. As veterinarians who care about the health and well being of pets in the St John’s area, we want to educate the public on the negative effects of pet obesity. Even a few extra pounds can place significant stress on a cat or dog’s frame. Why Do Pets Pack […]

Pet Insurance – Is it worth it?

As pet parents, we all worry about what would happen in the case of illness or injury. We want to do whatever necessary to give our pets the best possible medical care but sometimes, finances become a barrier. If you’re a pet owner, you need to be in a position to provide proper care for your […]